About Us

Too many choices?  Not enough choices where you are?  Don’t want to buy a case?  No time to shop around?  Don’t know what’s available?  Confusing nutrition labels?  We help with all that too.  Packed in a cute little box and delivered to you every month!

You’ve made an awesome decision to improve your health and your life.  I did too.  I’ve had the gastric sleeve surgery.  Soon after surgery, we discover that there are so many physical and emotional changes that we just can’t prepare for.  Some great, some not so great. For some, getting your groove and complying long-term can be daunting.  For others, it just flows.  In either case, we must keep going.

Getting the right things in our bodies and taking care of ourselves are paramount for our long term health and well-being.  There are now many more choices for protein supplementation, vitamins, and snacks than there was even just a few years ago.  This is where I want to help.

Gastric Goodies caters to you. We specifically address the needs of people who have or will undergo weight loss surgery. Pre-ops, post-ops, re-gainers, maintainers. . . we’ve got you covered! Every other month you can unpack a box designed to help you discover new products, re-introduce yourself to old faves, and most importantly keep your dietary needs in the forefront of your mind to keep you from veering into old habits.

We help you discover new products without breaking the bank. If you like it, we’ll tell you exactly where to buy it. If you don’t, thank goodness you didn’t buy a whole tub or case of it! We always welcome feedback. So please tell us what you do or don’t love.

We’ve got your nutritional needs in mind. At Gastric Goodies, we know how important nutrition is. And we know how hard and expensive it is to try to weed through all the noise and find the good stuff. And we know that high-quality protein is the cornerstone of the WLS diet. That’s why we try to make sure there are at least two full serving size protein drinks for you to try every month. We do the leg work. You sit back and enjoy.

It’s not just about food. There’s more to you than the food (or protein bars) that you eat! That’s why there’s always at least one non-food item in every box. A little something to support you in healthy eating or food preparation, exercise, or just remembering to take care of yourself.

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