Drum roll please. . . Well, we can’t tell you exactly because the surprise is part of the fun!  With that being said, each box is designed to help you discover items that will help you stay compliant with your post-op diet.  There will be at least a couple of protein shakes/drinks, a bar, and a snack.  Then there’s the surprise!  Those can be more protein-packed goodness, low or no-calorie drink mixes or enhancers, something to complement your active lifestyle, or something just to take care of yourself.  Expect 7 or more items every month.

When you subscribe to a monthly box, you are billed for the first month immediately. And the same day each following month..

Boxes begin shipping around the 1st of the month.  Orders must be in by the 28th the month before shipping. If you order after the 28th of the month, you will have missed out for that month, and will get the following months box. E.g 28th of June, won’t get July’s box, you will get Augusts box.  So make sure to get yours orders in on time.

If you order a Pre-op box, we try get them off to you within 5 days of receiving the order.

Not yet, but we are working on it.  Email us with your concern, and we will use that info to develop new options.  We do not operate in a manner that excludes any allergens, so we can not guarantee that any product, even allergen-free ones, will not have come in contact with allergens in the handling process.

Don’t worry, not everyone knows I have had surgery either. It’s very common to want to keep it to yourself, and we respect your right to choose who you tell.

Our packaging is discreet, and no one who looks at the box will be able to tell whats in the package. Its our little secret!

Yes, In each box is note cards with specific item nutritional information, where to source the product yourself, and a place to write any personal notes you have about that product. All on a book ring to keep it together for future reference. You can add new cards to this ring as each months boxes arrive. 

True. . . but there are some things in common.  For example, when we shop for any product, we always look for low-sugar. Protein drinks have at least 12 g (or most of the time more) of protein per serving and less than 6 grams of sugar, and a calorie to protein ratio of 12:1 or better. Protein bars get a little more leeway if the calories above the 12:1 can be attributed to fiber.

Nope.  And our suppliers probably don’t either.  Read the packaging and product information that accompanies each of the products in our boxes.

It can be.  Just shoot us an email at help@gastricgoodies.co.nz

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