Monthly Post-op Box

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From: $35.00 / month for 12 months

In Gastric Goodies boxes, you will find all sorts of goodies for those at least 3 weeks out of weight-loss surgery.

It will contain at least one serving of a protein drink (shakes, fruity drinks, puddings) with a nutrition profile (low sugar, low carb, high protein) suitable for us .

In addition, you will find other snacks or enhancers that will change things up a bit (flavored syrups, teas, etc).

Occasionally we will throw something in there that just makes complying with a lifelong regimen of vitamin-taking, protein-drinking, and booty-shaking just a little more enjoyable!

There will be at least 7 items per value-packed box. Shipping begins around the 1st of each month. Boxes ordered after the 28th will get the following months box. 


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